October 29, 2008

AneMae's, Kids and Buckwheat

One thing I have noticed in this family is that the kids refuse to touch anything that doesn't contain some form of sugar. While a little bit of sugar is not such a bad thing, I've been trying to get the kids to eat healthier. Around here we lack the energy to do much of anything.

On Saturdays we try to head downtown which is less than 4 blocks and by the time we get there, the kids are so tired that they want to sit down for the rest of the day. I know adults tire easily, but you would think kids have more energy!

Going back to the sugar, the only way the kids will eat lunch or dinner is if it has sugar in it. Now by that I don't always mean cookies, candy, etc. What I mean is processed foods that contain con syrup, sugar, etc.

Lately I've been trying to cut back on those things and fix healthier foods that are not processed. We do include desserts as a special treat on some nights, but even that has become a problem lately. Unless there is dessert for after dinner, the kids won't eat. To eliminate the problem I've tried explaining to them if dinner is not eaten for the week, desserts are not allowed. It doesn't work. They won't eat unless the dinner contains some form of sugar. Lately they've even refused to eat pizza! They will eat some fruits, however!

So now I am wondering if the problem is that their addicted to sugar. I was thinking of trying to wean them off of it, but I don't feel it's right to eliminate treats all together. After all they're kids and even I love to indulge in a bit of chocolate or sweets once in a while.

Today we stopped by a coffee shop here in Independece, Kansas called, AneMae's. AneMae's also carries health foods which is awesome for a little town like ours. They also serve organic and healthy lunches!!! They are my second favorite specialty store here, the first being Magnolia's Health and Home where we buy our teas.

The kids chose juice that was 100% pure and they loved it! They also chose apples and ate those too. While the juice and apples are both a natural sugar, at least there is some hope when it comes to the kids' health. While we were there I picked up some buckwheat mix for pancakes and waffles. It contains cane juice (sugar), but at least it's a little healthier than your average white flour.

So, tonight I'm planning to make buckwheat pancakes for the kids and I for dinner! Wish me luck because I know damn well I'm going to need it!!! LOL