September 13, 2008

Ya I love to Write About Companies, but They're Not Always Sponsored!

I am having real difficulty understanding some companies. I was just told my account maybe suspended because I had two sponsored posts back to back. Funny because the post they were talking about isn't a sponsored post. I guess if you post about places like wal-mart or target because you love their stuff, you're automatically considered a sponsored post. I used to love target. I had brought several pieces of furniture from them that were awesome. I miss those guys.

Well, I won't apologize for writing about the things I love. I review bands, books and products that I don't see money for. Products I bought or saw face to face. I review them because I love their stuff or their work or I hate it. These people and places never sponsored me.

Take for instance I talk about them all of the time because I used to work for them. I have bought several things from their website like Steve Borden's autobiography, a sushi cookbook and several other items. I've also written about products that were crap. Like the listerine whitening strip. If they ever sponsored me, I'd be shocked! I can still taste that nasty gummy strip. Yuck. It left such a bad taste in my mouth.

Well I guess if they're going to suspend my account, more power to them. I won't give up writing about things I love and hate. So sorry to disappoint you. Sponsored posts and some companies have just gotten ridiculous. Don't assume. Always ask.