September 24, 2008

Working Out is Absolutely Worth It!

If you're familiar with my blog, then you probably already know how much I am for exercising and eating right, verses taking diet pills. Unfortunately now that the winter season is vastly approaching, many of us will probably exercise less do to the cold winter months outdoors.

You don't always have to exercise outdoors, however. Working out indoors can be just as effective and fun. I found that out just a few days ago when I got off of my butt and started strengthening my back using some yoga techniques. It was awesome and afterward I felt great!

Getting in shape doesn't always have to mean heading to the gym either. While I wouldn't mind going to a gym, I really can't afford the monthly fees at the moment, and having people follow me all over the building who ask if they can help you every five minutes is just not my idea of fun.

So for now I'm going to be working out indoors. Okay, so if you're anything like me the same old exercise can get really boring. Well, XFLOWSION is making workouts a little less boring with a variety of martial arts, power yoga and dance techniques. How insane is that?

I checked out their website and I love their DVDs. The idea of dancing, doing yoga and martial arts all in one workout sounds like so much fun and not so boring as most common workout videos. I'll probably end up ordering the DVDs unless my visitors decide to order by going through the SUPPORT MY SPONSOR link below. Then I have a chance at getting the DVDs for free, which I would love!

Either way, I'll share with you how things are going. They're about $20 per a DVD which is reasonable enough. Plus they were in my shape magazine not too long ago. I love Shape Magazine.

The cool thing is that they do have a 30-day money back guarantee a great thing if you decide you don't like their exercise routine. I wouldn't use the money back for the purpose of not losing any weight in 30 days, however. Losing weight takes time and it isn't always the workout video that is the problem.

Like take me for instance. There are days when I don't feel like working out or eating right. Then there are days when I know if I don't eat better or I don't workout even just a little bit, my body is going to let me know! But, even working out just a little is absolutely worth it!