September 11, 2008

What I Really Need

I'm getting tired of working at a kitchen table, so I was thinking.... Eventually I am going to need some new Office Furniture. When my husband and I had big plans to move to California, we sold just about everything we owned. So, right now I am working on an antique kitchen table instead of the Office Desk I used to have. It’s too big, too bulky and sticks halfway out into the middle of the dining room/office floor.

To make matters worse, this black leather office chair that we kept, that was in great condition, the cats have used as their scratching post. Unfortunately, there aren't really any office furniture stores in the area, so looking at Office Chairs, desks or anything else for that matter is nearly impossible.

So if I want to buy new office furniture, I guess I'm going to have to buy it online or get a decent vehicle that runs so that we can drive out of this tiny little town and do some real shopping. Well I was looking around and found I like officesupermarket. I've visited their site before through a friend and they have a lot of nice stuff. The only problem I see is that they are from United Kingdom. I could always have my friend ship the furniture to Just kidding Nattu!

Years ago I had this great cherry stained desk. I loved it. I can't remember where it was purchased at, but I wouldn't mind another cherry stained desk again. The one thing I don't want is a huge desk. The window that we have is a bay window and I would hate to block it off in any way. My husband wouldn't care, but he's not the one who works in an at-home I absolutely love looking out our bay window. It’s the highlight of my dreary days.

Now as far as the office chair, my husband might actually care about The black leather chair was originally his. But, of course I needed a chair to work in, so I took it My husband likes the big comfy chairs, which of course is why we have the big leather one.

I used to have a gray cloth office chair. It was another piece of office furniture that I loved because it was simple, yet comfortable. However, I can guarantee it wouldn’t survive even five minutes with our kittens who think they own the

I also had a white desk to go with that chair. Thinking back, I think both color choices were wrong, pets or no pets. They get dirty very easily and it’s just not very practical, so this time around I think I will stick with the darker shades.

Right now however, I just don't know what to do. While I am tired of working at a kitchen table, buying anything new is simply out of the question. What do you think? Should I buy something overseas or stick to a local place? I should upload a picture of the chair and table, just to show you what I'm talking