September 24, 2008

Website Options For the Future

Someday I want to set up a website where visitors are not limited to what they can read from me and I'm not limited to what I can write. In the mean time blogging is the next best thing.

However, when I do make that switch, I've often wondered if I'll be able to keep up with the design and tech stuff of the website. A lot of times I can get very busy with writing articles and other times I find myself having to take frequent breaks because of kids. So where in the world would I have time to sit down and design an entire website, plus keep up with everything else? I really don't have an answer for that, but I do know that there are some companies out there who are willing to help.

Companies like Network Solutions who's web design company offers one on one consultations so they know just what I want my website to look like. Then they design my website with my approvals. It's great to know that I'm still in charge, even though I'm not doing the work.

At the moment I'm only seeing a few different package choices. One is a simple package for about $500, plus a monthly fee for hosting while the other is much more detailed for creating existing websites and offering more design choices. It's price is about $1400, but there's no monthly fee for hosting.

If it were me I'd go with the cheaper of the packages and then maybe consider advancing to the other package in the future. What do you think? Is this something worth really looking into?