September 25, 2008

Strengthening My Back and Taking Out the Garbage

This past week I started doing yoga for my back and I feel great! I've only done the workout a few times too! How insane is that? I can imagine what my entire body will feel like if I start doing yoga for more than just my back. Wow. I started the exercise routine, simply because I needed to do something about the pain I've been having there.

A few years ago I was working as a CNA and because I was told to do an entire floor by myself, I ended up lifting a person that was more weight than I could manage and it did something to my back.

I have not been to a doctor about it because I cannot afford insurance and the time has elapsed for my husband to put me on his at work. So I've been dealing with the pain. There are times when it's very hard though. I can be doing something as simple as changing the trash bag in the trash can and it will put my back in severe pain.

So, this past week I was in pain again. Instead of baring through it, I went online and looked up exercise for strengthening my back. Of course yoga wasn't the only exercise there was for it, but since it's the only one that does not require tons of expensive workout equipment, I decided to give it a try. And like I said, Wow. It's been great! So I will continue to strengthen that area and hopefully it will improve.

I am also considered eating a little better. Lately, I've been eating tons of junk food. I can definitely tell a difference at how my body has been reacting just from the breakouts on my face and the sluggishness in my body! I've had very little energy and it's wearing me down inside and out. So I think it's time to take out the garbage and get my body back into a healthier shape.

What do you think? Any suggestions, ideas that work for you?