September 8, 2008

Steven Spielberg Verses Alfred Hitchcock

Rear Window and Disturbia. The two movies are now in question thanks to lawsuit filed by Sheldon Abend Revocable Trust. Sheldon Abend Revocable Trust claims that the two movies are exactly the same and that Steven Spielberg is ripping Alfred Hitchcock off.

Interestingly enough I've seen both movies. While the plots are similar, the characters are not, as Sheldon Abend Revocable Trust has claimed.

Rear Window is about a man in a wheelchair who witnesses what he thinks is a murder outside of his window by his neighbor. To find out the truth the man asks his girlfriend and nurse (a girl) to help him.

Disturbia is about a teenager who is placed under house arrest. While he is under house arrest he sees what he thinks is his neighbor murdering someone. He has his best friend (a guy) check it out. Then another neighbor (a girl) gets involved and the three of them go to the man's house to check things out.

In Rear Window, the man in the wheelchair never leaves the house or goes with his girlfriend or nurse to check out the neighbor's house.

Disturbia's teenager is not in a wheelchair and does leave the house to go to the neighbor's. Also there are other differences in each of the movies. Rear Window's character has a girlfriend and a nurse. Disturbia does not have a girlfriend or nurse. Instead he has a best friend and another neighbor who gets nosey and involved. So about the only true similarity is the plot.

Interestingly enough it took Sheldon Abend Revocable Trust over a year to file the lawsuit. Why not file as soon as possible? Before the movie was even released?

If the plots are similar and this is what the lawsuit is being based upon, what about other movies with similar plots? Disney's cinderella and snow white, for instance? There have been numuorus movies made with their character's with the same plots and not all were released by Disney. Jerry Lewis made a Cinderella movie in his younger years called, "Cinderfella." The same went for Jekyll and Hyde. Those are just a few.