September 18, 2008

Star Trek's Mr. Sulu Gets Married

I am so very excited for Star Trek's George Takei who played Mr. Sulu in the long running television series. George Takei and his long time partner, Brad Altman were officially married on Sunday, September 14th, 2008. Ironically, my husband and I were married on July 14th 2007.

It is so great to see George Takei and Brad Altman finally able to be officially married. I know a lot of people will frown on it, but I do not see what the really big deal is. Times have changed and no one should be frowned upon or denied the right to fall in love.

It was also great to see long time friends and fellow co-stars, Nichelle Nicols and Walter Koenig of Star Trek standing proudly beside the couple. Don't they all look great! Now who could deny such a good-looking couple the right to love and happiness?

Congrats Mr. Sulu!