September 22, 2008

So many teas and loving it

Since my husband had to work last Saturday, I decided it would be nice if the kids and I got out of the house for the day. So we window shopped downtown. Well, sort of. You see, a few weeks ago I was listening to our local radio station when they announced a shop that I had yet to discover downtown on Penn street in our little town of Independence, Kansas. The shopped offered the one thing my husband and I cannot get enough of... Teas!

So the kids and I stopped in the Magnolia shop. To our surprise they carried much more than just your average tea. There are at least 20 different flavored teas, from white, green and black, as well as homemade scented body and hair products and homemade scented candles! All locally made and all of our favorite goodies in one store! We were even able to sample a tea and some homemade lotions. The kids loved it and I ended up buying a few teas that they decided on. A cream tea and a sour apple tea.

So today, I talked the hubby into stopping by Magnolia. At first he didn't want to go. His reason, he knew he'd spend money on tea if he went in. Well, he was right! He ended up spending a little under $3 total for two teas. A vanilla rooibos tea and an almond oolong tea. So very yummy!

Now I'm just wondering how long this shop is going to last. It seems every time we find a shop we really love, they end up going out of business. Small towns can never seem to keep great store around!