September 6, 2008


I thought by now I would be getting over my sickness, but it seems I am only getting worse. Every time I cough I get to the point that I stop breathing. The only reason why I haven't been to a doctor yet is because I don't have insurance. The insurance my husband has won't allow it because my husband missed the window of opportunity to put me on the insurance plan. He only had about a week to add me and because he works so much, he wasn't able to get a hold of human resources.

Speaking of work, they're now considering having him and everyone else in his department work 7 days a week. They've already done this with another department and the results were disastrous. Someone died because they fell asleep at the wheel from exhaustion from work and lack of sleep. I'm surprised the company isn't under investigation for this. I didn't think they could make employees work 7 days a week permanently.