September 25, 2008

Playing Bingo with Disney

I am a game lover, but anymore it's rare for me to be able to sit down and enjoy anything fun. When I visited my mother-in-law in Kansas City a while back, one of the things that we did was visited the casinos and played bingo. I love that game and miss it! It reminds me of when I played bingo as a child.

Although it is no longer legal, I would sit beside my great aunt and play her cards during the game. If I won, I would tell her and she would yell out the BINGO! For helping her with the game she usually gave me some of the prize money.

Times have changed and today bingo and winning prize money is for adults only. Children are no longer allowed to participate in their bingo games. So instead, there are kids'games like Disney Bingo, which can be just as fun! The great thing about the Disney Bingo is that its on DVD. Interactive games are wonderful, I think. And while the prize might not be money like I received when I was a kid, parents can easily create their own special prizes for the winners of the game.

Maybe a piece of candy or a free day where a child can rent a movie of his or own choosing? The winners possibilities are endless and so is the fun. If this sounds like a blast to you, remember, Christmas time is just around the corner. I'm a big fan of because of their free shipping and I've already seen that they carry Disney Bingo!

Check out the video and let me know what you think....