September 29, 2008

Planning Dinner

I always have a weekly menu planned when it comes to groceries. The reason I do this is because it not only saves time, but it saves money. Sure, there are times when I find out that our local Wal-mart here in Independence, KS does not carry the main item I need for a recipe on my list, or like when the family wants something simple like mac and cheese for dinner....... Usually however, the menu idea sticks.

I already have a nice collection of cookbooks when I'm looking for new recipes ideas for my weekly shopping trip, but sometimes I like to search for recipes online. Whether it's doing a search for Italian recipes, for a killer lasagna, or something as simple as a Mexican recipe for a new chicken enchilada casserole or soup, I always end up bookmarking the site for future use.

That way, when the family approves or disapproves of a new recipe, I can either put it in my keep folder to view again or delete it. Simple and easy!