September 3, 2008

Pampering the Cat?

I think we're going to need more than one litter box in our house. I'm the only one who cleans up after the cats and as it stands right now the pet shops or AWOL cannot take anymore animals. So we're stuck with the kittens for now.

Sometimes I really feel like a prisoner in my own home with those little suckers roaming around. I can't go to sleep without them destroying the house and they don't find that the litter box is to their taste. Instead they tend to squat where they shouldn't. So, something has got to be done. I don't know about a fancy litter box like the ones from (too pricey for my taste), but something has got to be done.

Eventually they'll be able to go outside and use the bathroom or maybe by some miracle somebody around here will want a free kitten, but for now we need another litter box.