September 8, 2008

Movies, Politics, Religion and Being Gay

Last night my husband and I finally sat down and watched, "Alexander", one of the DVD movies that he received for his birthday last April. I actually expected to see much more of actress Angelina Jolie in the movie than what I did. However, the lack of Angelina acting in the movie isn't what surprised me, but the intimate scene that goes on between actors Collin Farrell and Jared Leto did.

It really had me to wondering, did something such as intimacy between men go on during that era in time? Is it possible? And if so, why is it such a bad thing today? If its been happening for ages, what's so different about today other than the fact that people are just honest instead of hiding in fear.

On MSNBC tonight it was shown that Sarah Palin's (Vice Presidential candidate) church is forcing prayer to turn gays straight. Now I am in no way saying that Sara Palin is a negative influence however, her church is a different story.

I wonder if they'd like it if someone forced them to pray to turn them into a non-religion or different religion? I bet they would be pissed off and defend themselves. I wonder what Sara Palin thinks of her church's efforts to pray away gay.

Really people. Does it matter what someone's sexual preference is? What if it were vice versa and men and women being together was a problem? I am willing to bet if that were the case, there would be a riot and churches would be defending rights for straight people. Walk in someone else's shoes for a change. You just might see the light.