September 22, 2008

Megan Fox and Olivia Wilde

About a week ago actress, Megan Fox was in the news again. While I'd seen somewhere that she was no longer engaged to Brian Austin Green, Yahoo News confirmed that she is. Hmm. However, that wasn't what peaked my interest. Apparently, Megan Fox is not shy about admitting that she has a crush on a certain blond lady and would date her. Particularly actress, Olivia Wilde. Yet, she said she says a woman doesn't have to be lesbian to date another woman? Does that make sense? Maybe I misread?

So anyway, I'd never heard of Olivia Wilde, so I went and checked her out. Apparently she stars in the television series, HOUSE M.D. Okay, so I've never seen the show, which of course would explain why I have never heard of Olivia

So what I am really wondering is why say you're not a lesbian or bi when you're hot for a woman and going out with her? I do remember Megan Fox saying she was attracted to Olivia, so maybe that was it. There I could see why you don't have to be lesbian or bi to be attracted to a woman. Or do you? lol Who knows. I guess I just found it to be an insane and yet interesting way of seeing things.
What do you think?

One thing is for sure, if guys or gals didn't love Megan Fox before, they will now!