September 29, 2008

Life is Too Short

Yesterday afternoon while my husband and I were in Braums, my cousin spotted me. Not too long ago, his son whom I consider a nephew was killed in an automobile accident. I know it will be a very long time before he or his wife are able to really live their lives once again, but it struck me as odd that after my cousin said hi to me, he stood there as if he had something else to say and couldn't seem to say it.

I had planned to call him earlier in the evening just to make sure that everything is ok, but I think I will call him after I put the kids to bed tonight.

When I got home last night, I checked my emails as I usually do, and saw that one of my aunts was forwarding something to me. It reminded me of an email she'd responded to that I had yet to reply to.

So I replied, but with a different purpose. Our family is known for feuding and for a very long time there was a big feud going on after my grandmother passed away. Then, another feud started, this time between my aunt and another aunt. It saddened me that two sisters were fighting when life could end at any time.

Although many of us may go on to believe that we'll live to the ripe old age of 100 or even 70, the sad truth is, life may not happen in that way. Life may take a different toll just as my nephew's did, or a friend's sister did, or a friend's father did.

We will never really know when our time is up. I remember a lady who enjoyed life and loved sports cars. She was always talking about them and showing them off. She flew a helicopter and was a police officer among many things.

She had a common cold and wanted to treat it. So, she took an over the counter medication meant for colds, but was also on a prescription drug that her doctor had given her for another illness. The two medications fought one another and as a result she passed away in her sleep.

It's too easy for lives to end. Instead of fighting and feuding, we should be living our lives and enjoying it while we can. What good is stress, really? All it does is causes serious health problems or worse yet, death.

Lately I haven't been doing too well myself. My husband knows what's going on, but I haven't really let on as much as I should about the seriousness of it. My family doesn't even know. I've done it to keep stress to a minimum and to keep drama at bay. There's no reason to worry more people than necessary. Besides, not everyone will care about my health and that is a given But, I'm not losing any sleep over it and don't plan to.

Instead, I'm trying to relax more, get out more, enjoy more and I've even been doing a little yoga and eating a little better. Generally my eating habits are once a day when we don't have the kids. Sometimes I don't feel like eating and other times I'm just busy working on articles.

Life is way too short to be bitching and I told my aunt so. I also wrote my other aunt and told her the very same thing. Then I considered writing my mother and telling her the same thing. I guess I was in one of the moments were I missed the family get togethers that we once had. So now its all up to the rest of the family. Hopefully it will all end well, but if not, I will still love them all the same.