September 16, 2008

Labeling Lives Everywhere

This year when we sent the kids back to school, we had difficulty labeling stuff because of all of the dark colors that were requested. Even a simple highlighter wouldn't get the job done.

When I worked at a local hotel here in town, I noticed my manager had a label maker. As curious as I can be, I asked her about it. She loves her label maker. So now I'm wondering if I'm missing something.

The Dynamo Label Maker should might have made things easier when it came to the kids and their back to school supplies and back packs. The kids had several file folders this year, so it would have definitely made things easier if we had something that would show up on those darn things.

I think the label maker would be great for work environments as well. Hotels like the one I worked in could use some organization and I think a label maker is perfect for that. Of course my manager had the same idea! lol

Well, I don’t work at the hotel anymore and they’ve changed managers more than once since then, so I wonder if the label maker is still in use. Of course I could probably use a label maker for at home in the office as well. I have so many files that need organized. It would even be great for coupon organizing. Yep, I’m an organization freak! Lol.
What else could you see using a label maker for? Maybe I missed some great ideas?