September 8, 2008

Is the School Responsible?

About 3 1/2 weeks ago the kids got into trouble for fighting with each other on the school bus here in Independence, Kansas. Because they did not need to ride the bus directly after that for the next three weeks, we had to drop the bus slips off at school. We told the school of the situation and they told us they'd get the slips to the bus barn.

Today we learned the kids were told by the bus driver that they could not ride the bus anymore because the driver hadn't received the bus slips. This creates a serious problem since the kids have to ride the bus to and from school each day with their mom, generally, every other week.

So I called and left a message with the principal, hoping that something can be done immediately about the situation. Since Q often has outbursts due to his autism, it isn't always easy for him to abide by bus rules. Often times his sister, T has to get him to calm down when he does have an outburst on the bus.

This isn't the first time the kids have had problems on the bus either. Last year T had to defend Q several times because other kids were making fun of him for his autism and I don't think those kids were ever disciplined for it either. Also, last year , the bus driver allowed the kids to get off the bus where we found them wandering alone on a very busy street. So whose responsibility is it? We trust our kids with the school and school buses every single day, but they never seem to be at fault.