September 16, 2008

Is it Entrecard

Wow. 117 visitors to my blog today! I wonder where they all came from. Maybe entrecard? I was doubtful when I was first introduced to entrecard, but now I love it. I love having new visitors to my blog. Plus, it's great being able to view other blogs from around the world.

I also use blogcatalog and mybloglog, but traffic has dwindled with them, I've noticed. Most of the traffic that comes from there are friends that continue to visit my blog. others are those just looking for someone to visit their blog, even if it is a subject that person doesn't have a similar interest in.

Well, to each his own. I am just glad to see entrecard is working for me. Thank you to all that have visited my blog and enjoyed reading what I have to say. I am greatful! I hope entrecard continues to do great things for everyone who uses it!