September 3, 2008

Houses and Jobs in This Economy

Right now real estate property seems to be at it's lowest. The reason for this is no one is willing to pay high taxes when the economy is going downhill. We were actually lucky that we got our house before everything went sky high.

What's interesting is that a while back there was a house in Detroit, Michigan that sold for $1! That's pretty insane if you ask me! And what's even more insane is that it took 19 days to sell!

I don't know about you, but at $1 I think I would actually invest in the house. Maybe the economy isn't doing well right now, but eventually houses are going to be needed again. People will want or need to rent or own, especially in the bigger cities where jobs are not as scarce.

Houses that would be available with a phoenix realtor will stand a better chance of selling than houses in a smaller city or state. Think about it. The bigger the city, the more jobs there are available. There's also a lot more housing to choose from verses a smaller town. The only thing that would be an advantage for a smaller town is the fact that housing can be cheaper. Unfortunately that is no longer true. Housing has gone up everywhere.

So whether you're renting or buying a house in a small town where very few jobs are available or you're headed to bigger cities and investing in a house through realtor's in phoenix, there will always be advantages and disadvantages of both. Decisions! Decisions!