September 6, 2008

Heroes Season 2

As an entertainment treat last month, my husband decided to buy Heroes Season 2 on DVD. I had actually anticipated it to be pretty pricey since it is a newer television series, but we actually got it for only $30 at wal-mart.

When I was still working at, I bought Heroes Season 1 on DVD and paid $50 for it at wal-mart. I could not believe the price drop! Heck, Smallville has been running on television for a while now and many of their older seasons on DVD are still in the price range of $50! So I wonder, what gives?

Anyway, last night we finally watched the last episode of season 2. While it was good, I wasn't as nearly impressed as I was with season 1. I can say that it was worth the purchase on DVD though. The only downfall is we won't be able to see Season 3 until next year because we don't have cable television. Oh well, at least we don't have a cable bill to worry about!