September 22, 2008

Free Vegan Beauty Products

I am always looking for new and delish products, so when WordVixen of Quest to Write, shared this contest on her blog and twitter, I just had to check it out. Yummy. Coffee and Kahlua lip balm... And it's Vegan! No animal fats. So very awesome. Plus there are soaps.... I love natural products.

But the real reason for this contest is because the government (don't you love that word!)is trying to pass a law that would put small beauty product companies out of business. How very nice of them! Want more info? Check out the Indie Business Blog.

If you want to enter the contest and help out a great cause, visit The Vegan Skincare Product Contest Link or check out the Vegan Skincare product page and get yourself some fabulous beauty products before the government says, NO! NO! NO!