September 14, 2008

Finally an Update on Cashcrate

I figured it was time to update Cashcrate, once again. I have been a member of cashcrate for a while now and have received two checks from them!

While I have not made much from them in a while, it's only because I haven't really been very active with them. Still, I am seeing cash coming in from those I refer to cashcrate, which has been really nice! 7 wonderful and fabulous referrals which is awesome!

When I was first referred to cashcrate by another mom who claimed she made $400 a month with cashcrate, I was very skeptical. I mean really, how was it possible? But, I signed up through her and tried them. I'm glad I did and I'm sure she's glad too. She's probably making over $400 a month now! That is so great!

Now while I'm not making $400 a month, it's only because as I said I haven't been that active with cashcrate. If I sat down and took more surveys, got more people to sign up, I think I would make close to $400 a month. So it's definitely not an impossible task to do.

Right now I'm at $9.84 with cashcrate. I just filled out a $1.00 survey which will put me at $10.84. Now the only new downside that I see is that instead of being able to cash out at $10, you now have to wait until you make $20. Well, that's not too bad I guess.

Okay, so if you're not familiar with Cashcrate, here's how it works. cashcrate allows you to join their program for free and sign up for offers of your choice, all while getting paid. Many of these offers are 100% free. There is no credit card needed, nothing. All that is needed is a few minutes of your time. With that few minutes you can make anywhere from $1.00 to $45.00. Many of the $1.00 offers are just surveys that require a few minutes of your time. $1.00 may not seem like much, but believe me, they add up. For example, if you were able to fill out $1.00 surveys for 1 hour, you just made $12.00/hr.

Even if you just wanted to work a couple of hours a week at filling out offers with cashcrate you could manage $60.00 per week. Not bad at all! Don't worry. There are plenty of 100% free offers. As a matter of fact there are over ten pages worth of offers at this very moment.

Also, you can make money just by having people sign up under you. This is a feature that I love because I tend to get busy and don't always have the time to fill out offers every single day. So, I let my referrals do it for me. Which I need to thank! So, Thank You!!! Every offer you fill out, helps me towards my financial goals. You guys are the greatest!

If you've already signed up for cashcrate or you're interested in learning more about the program, please feel free to drop me a line. I would love to hear what you have to say good or bad, and I would be happy to try to answer any questions you may have!