September 26, 2008

Don't Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket

You'll notice a few minor changes to my blog. I won't name names because there is no reason to, but I woke up to find that I was removed from an advertiser without a given reason. So I asked them about it and got the same results. Then I did a little research and learned that if you blog about something they don't like, you're dropped. Or if you have a sudden leap in visitors as I did when I wrote about actress Megan Fox (yes, she's that hot!), you're dropped.

The funny thing is I remembered John Chow's knowledge about not putting all of your eggs into one basket, so I didn't. The money that the advertiser held was ghost money to me, but when I reached the payout limit I was removed from their system and told I would not receive any money. Funny that it took me over two years to get to that very small amount. So in reality they received free advertising from my blog. I was so very generous!!! LOL

The morale to this story is, if you're putting your eggs into one basket and you are relying on that money, please don't! I learned many years ago not to rely on extra money because in the end it's never there. Now if I have it in hand, then that's great! But if it's on hold somewhere I just base my income on what I do already have and go from there.