September 6, 2008

Beijing Arrest's Mother to Bulldoze Her Home For Olympics

Many of us love the Olympics and keep track of our favorite sports on a nightly basis, but what really goes on behind closed doors during the Olympics?

Reporter Richard Engel found out just what some countries will do to keep the Olympics going. A mother in Beijing had been forced to have her home bulldozed, so that the Olympics could make way for a street for Olympic visitors. In order to keep her home from being bulldozed she filed the necessary paperwork to stop it from happening. Then, she was promptly arrested for filing the paperwork and will remain in jail until the Olympics ends.

When Richard Engel and his crew asked questions, they were told she was not being held for filing the paperwork, only to find out that it was a lie. Don't believe me? Check out this video from Msnbc and then check out another reporter's scoop about the situation.

This just goes to show us what some governments will do to keep people quiet.