September 22, 2008

Agreeing on a Sink

For a while now I've been wanting to remodel out home. The first thing that will have to be remodeling is either the bathroom or the kitchen. I'm voting for the kitchen. The bad news is, my husband and I have somewhat different tastes. He's more a hunter, farm type guy. I'm not. So he would love to something that's farmhouse related for our kitchen.

Well, when I think of a farmhouse sink, I see old and white. Apparently not so with the selection of farmhouse sinks that wholesale stone sinks has to offer. I like them and could even see their stone sinks in our bathroom. So very nice! I'm just not so sure I'd really want to pay a grand for a stone sink!

Now I just wonder how hubby is going to feel about those style of sinks! One thing is for sure, I'm sure he'll agree with the price! LOL