September 22, 2008

Advice on Web Hosting

I've been looking into web hosting for a while now. If I want to really expand my income online, I need to think of the bigger picture as far as online services.

However, I also want the best rates with a great service. While I don't want to be paying $10 a month for web hosting, I also don't want to be paying $5 a month for web hosting that charges hidden fees or has lousy web hosting service.

Sometimes I wonder if it's a no win situation, but then I just found out about web hosting rating and I like it. Their site offers a review of different web hosts with prices and a rating system of who is good and who is better.

They also rank the web host providers and tell you how much of a limitation you have as far as usage space and visitors. How insane is that?

Okay, so I must admit, I also love their articles. There is some great advice in the form of how-to's when it comes to using web hosting, deciding on a domain name or just knowing what all of the technical mumble jumble means. Sooo very cool. I'm always up for learning new things!

I actually found an article that is right up my alley too! lol Should You Purchase Cheap Hosting. It gave me an interesting insight on why there are some advantages to spending a little more on better web hosting.

So, if things really pick up as far as my freelance writing and other projects online, I probably will consider getting some sort of web hosting package. What do you think? What would you choose or recommend? I'm always open for advice.