August 18, 2008

Take a Closer Look Before You Assume

I appreciate all of the writing opportunities that have been given to me from various clients. However, one thing that really bothers me.. and this goes for anyone who visits my blog. Before you jump the gun and email me about a particular post, look again and don't assume it's the writer.

More than once I have had to respond to problems that weren't a problem to begin with. I think the problem really lies with the fact that clients have a lot of articles they need written. So a lot of reviewers/writers are given those opportunities. Well, when the client goes back and has to view all of those opportunities they've given out, it can be a burn out at times and readings get rushed through. When you rush, you don't see the entire post and things are assumed. Then, a client's time is wasted as well as the writer's time. Of course this can go for a writer too... Not just a client. So, please.... Slow down, relax and don't rush through posts. Thank you.