August 21, 2008

PepperJam and Inc 500

Even though I haven't made anything with pepperjam ads at the moment, it looks like they're doing something right because they are moving up in the world. Pepperjam has just been rushed into the top 100 companies in the United States, thanks to Inc. Magazine.

It's number 70 rank is actually from 500 of the companies Inc. magazine has listed. Pretty cool. So I had to actually wonder why PepperJam is in the top 100. As it turns out, PepperJam is being recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.

I must admit even though I have yet to make any sort of a profit with them, I do like the fact that you're able to choose your own selection of ads that will suit your blog or website's needs. You're also able to select different sized ads, so you're not left with a huge graphics slow down on your page. The ads aren't companies that have never been heard of either. They're companies like The WB, Cartoon Network, Baby Phat and more.

So the real question is, is PepperJam worth it? Do they have what it takes to keep an interest as an affiliate market? For now it seems so.