August 7, 2008

Money, Money, Money, Money.... Moooneyyy....

I love trying new recipes and by chance I ran across a recipe that is suppose to be helpful on the wallet as well. The author of the post broke down each ingredient and it's cost. By the time she totaled it all up to what she considers a great deal, was almost shocking to me. Her meal cost nearly $9 for 4 servings! That's pretty hefty, especially since it equals out to over $1 per a person. heck, might as well splurge at McDonalds for that price!

When I make a list for the week for dinners, I can manage $5 for 4 people, just fine. And there's no skimping either. I do understand that cost of prices is a bit higher in some areas, but trust me.. Small towns are a lot worse. They gouge prices because they know you won't drive an hour out of your way to the city and buy groceries.

I remember when I lived in an even smaller town, Sedan, Kansas. The first time I visited their grocery store, I bought what I couldn't live without and left. Back then, buying a loaf of bread through them was around $2.80 a loaf. I can't imagine how much worse it is, now that the economy has reared its ugly head.

Speaking of things rearing their ugly heads.. It's a good thing I only have a dollar on me. The neighbors are having a yard sale and I see a framed picture of coffee art that would be great on the bare walls of my kitchen. I thought they were just setting up for tomorrow at first, and when the kids mentioned wanting to go, the hubby said maybe tomorrow.

Well, when I stepped out my front door I saw the sign for the sale and balloons, flags, etc, so I'm pretty sure they're starting it this evening. Sigh Ohh well.