August 8, 2008

Last Minute Job Notifications

What happens when a big named company like Cessna Aircraft tells you that you're working without a 24 hour notification? Well, for my husband... It's either go in or fear that he'll be let go.

Whether it's truly legal for a company to make you work mandatory overtime with less than a 24 hour notification, I really don't know. In my own personal experience from working at Amazon, notification of at least 24-48 hours was required. This is because if you have a doctor's appointment or anything else that is scheduled on an expected day off, you weren't scrambling at the last minute to re-schedule the appointment or be slapped with a late cancellation fee.

Well unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to us. We had planned to head to the doctor later today. But, since my husband just found out he'll have to go in to work, we had to scramble. He did tell his boss he had to go to the Doctor, so his boss is expecting him to be a little late for work tomorrow. Now whether they will take time from his vacation hours for this is something we'll have to face if it happens.

Even worse is the fact that he'll be working 6 days a week from now on and until further notice. I can see some major bitching in the near future. My husband will be going from having 3 days off to pretty much having a half day off. Things are not going to go well. But he chose night shift, so it's something that he knew was a possible problem.

The bad thing is, he's considering working weekends only. In reality this means he'll go from 10 hour days to 12 hour days and work 3 days a week instead of the usual 4. Unfortunately he's forgotten mandatory overtime and I remember when a close friend of ours was working that shift. He ended up working 6 days a week.

The only added bonus to not having weekends off is, I'll be working weekends as well. Which is fine with me because I could use the money. Plus it will make my husband less of a grouch since he seems to think that if he doesn't get any days off, then neither should Men.