August 1, 2008

I'm Not Made of Money and I Said No!

When will people ever learn the word, no. I had work to do today and with the kids here, they decided it would be a good idea to answer the door before I could walk across the office to the living room front door.

The lady at the door was selling a Kirby Carpet Shampooer and told me she wanted to do a Demo. I told her no. I had just shampooed my carpet and I had work. She refused to listen. She lied and told me it'd take 5 minutes of my time, so I gave up and she ran off to get her shampooing guy. As it turned out, I found out from the guy that the demo would take an hour long. I finally had to explain to him that I told her I wasn't interested and I had to work, but his friend refused to listen. He understood, but he was pretty pissed off and kept saying we needed to buy a $2000 shampooer and if we didn't, we didn't care about our health or home. Umm yeah that's not the thing to say to anyone.

So now he's sitting on my front porch with his stuff waiting for her to come back by because she left him. I am just hoping I don't have to kick the guy off the property, but when I say NO, I mean it!