August 25, 2008

Golf and a Vacation in Florida

My husband is a big golf fanatic. Unfortunately since he's changed shifts with work, he rarely has time to do much of anything except sleep.

In the past we had talked about taking a family vacation to Orlando, FL. At first, we considered a cruise ship adventure. However, with the rise of prices everywhere, it seems that it would be so much cheaper to just drive there and plan a trip cheaper without the big boat.

One of the things that Orlando, Florida has to offer is Orlando golf. Of course that is right up my husband's alley! The best part is we can stay there at less than $300 per a person for 4 nights. That's not bad at all!

Even thought an immediate vacation is out of the question, I think I will sign up for one of their free brochures. What do you think? Have you taken a vacation based on golf? What about a vacation in Florida? Was it well worth it?