August 28, 2008

Fighting Over the Temperature Controls

My husband likes the temperature in our home to be at 78 degrees. It's too cold for me, so often when he's not here I will just turn the air condition off. Then when he gets home I'm cold again because the air conditioning has to go back up. I guess that's not such a bad deal, but when we travel and have to rent a car or stay in a hotel that stays cold at all times, there are no deals.

With Cabin Cuddler's travel blanket and pillow, I can change all of that. My husband can keep the Air Conditioning on while I am wrapped up nice and snug in a blanket and even be able to keep my feet warm since they are always cold.


Cabin Cuddler is also great for hotel stays. You never know what you're sleeping on when you rent a room and Cabin Cuddler keeps me from having to worry about that. Believe me I've stayed in some not so great hotel rooms where I refused to sleep on their pillows, etc.

I love the fact that Cabin Cuddler is ideal for just about anywhere you're planning to travel. Hotels, Airplanes, Car Road Trips, Trains, buses and even camping trips. Best of all Cabin Cuddler's travel blanket and pillow are lightweight and easy to bring along. No reason to carry bulky stuff which I hate doing. Cabin Cuddler is as small and as compact as a purse! How insane is that?

Here are the exact features of the Cabin Cuddler:

  • Tote bag turns into your own personal hygienic pillow case
  • Comes with it's own inflatable pillow
  • Patented pocket always keeps your feet warm
  • Contour cut of the blanket covers every inch of your body
Cabin Cuddler comes in your choice of colors cranberry or black for less than $30 and free shipping. There's also a 30 day money back guarantee! You can't beat that!

So is the Cabin Cuddler worth it in my opinion? Definitely! I could own at least 7 of these just for camping trips. The kids would love them!

Sponsored by Cabin Cuddler