August 10, 2008

Diet Pills. Are They a Risk?

In the past when I still had a lot of baby fat to lose, I decided to try dieting pills. As a matter of fact it was a endorsed by a famous blond who is no longer with us today. The diet pills did not work.

Not everyone has probably experienced the same results as I have. For some maybe diet pills work. For me however, I won't be trying diet pills again. Since then I've just been eating healthier and walking a lot. I've cut back on the walking, but I still eat healthier than I have in the past.

I think it's just as easy to lose weight with proper nutrition and exercise. Control is another key. Eating healthy and exercising won't work if you're still eating in huge quantities. Also just eating healthier alone or exercise alone won't work either. You have to be willing to do both. I think it's why so many diets fail. And diet pills? Well, some of them now scare me. I've heard too many horror stories about heart failure due to diet pill ingredients or people taking too many at once.

But as I said, everyone's experience varies. So, what's your opinion on diet pills, exercise and eating healthy?

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