August 14, 2008

ClearVoice Offers $97 studies and Surveys

Here's another opportunity I thought at home moms and dads might be interested in.

I am usually not a big fan of surveys that pay you money, but this one looks promising and so far they haven't filled my email box with a bunch of junk. I have heard that they offered $97 for a focus group. That's really good. I did a focus group last year on step-families and made $250 from it. Not through ClearVoice, however. This was through another company that only does private studies.

I'm giving ClearVoice a try and we'll see what happens. I am told they send 3-4 surveys per a week for 5-10 questions that are quick an easy. Unfortunately it's only 25 cents per a survey. Still, that's 75 cents a week if it only take s a few minutes to complete. $3 per a month. Not much, but it all adds up. Plus if I'm able to get into one of the focus groups, that's a lot more money that can go towards a car and debt!