August 22, 2008

Blogging for a Company Without Guidelines

Sending opportunities to potential bloggers is great. What's not great is when complete guidelines are not including with those opportunities, and the bloggers are the ones who are blamed once an opportunity is submitted.

Bloggers enjoy what they do and when we're offered an opportunity to get paid for blogging, we enjoy it even more. However, when bloggers are treated with disrespect it becomes a problem. We don't want to blog for someone who sends us an invite to an opportunity, doesn't include the right information in the opportunity, expects bloggers to guess at it and then gives negative feedback for not being the right kind of blog.

If we're not the right kind of blog, don't send us an invite to the opportunity asking us to participate and then give negative because you didn't include the full guidelines for the opportunity in the first place. If you continue to run a company this way, you'll find that bloggers won't be interested in working for you, or listen to what you have to offer or say.