August 7, 2008

Beauty Flirts

Being flirty can be fun, especially when you're being flirty towards the one you love. Sometimes when I flirt I don't even catch myself doing it, but then I flirt in front of the camera and it shows.
There is more to flirting than just a look, however. Flirting can involve a simple touch, like the one I give my husband to show him that he's sexy or a simple gesture like a nod, or the way you move or by what you wear. Or maybe it's your Victory Hair?

It’s rare for me to use clothing as a way of flirting, but it’s not uncommon. On rare occasions, I do get to dress up and when I do I love dressing up in something my husband loves. Even if it’s just a simple pair of jeans and a spaghetti strap shirt, it doesn’t matter. Flirting is whatever you love or whatever your partner loves.
Flirting is what sets you a part from an average day and lets you be fun and creative.

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Extreme Style by VO5 knows this and they want you to know it too with their VO5 Ultimate Flirting Championship.
Hair can be flirty and they have the proof. What about you? What does it take to get you to flirt? Do you use a look? What about clothing, a hairstyle, maybe? What’s your look?

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