July 27, 2008

The Weekend Has Gone.

It's definitely been an interesting weekend. There really hasn't been anything too exciting happen. Same old people same old thing. Some people I have learned, never change.

I'll give you an interesting example of the past week. Twice now a certain someone has hinted big time that they're completely broke. It was a big enough hint that it was obvious they were hoping we'd pay their bills once again. If we had the money and it was anyone else, it wouldn't be a problem. But this person isn't really broke and we know this from past experience and from the fact that they blew all of their money on a shopping spree over the weekend. So, that would be why they are broke. Sigh. I love shopping too, but food and a home are more important. And children are a number one priority verses shopping sprees! So I am a bit miffed that their kids are less of a concern at the moment.

The rest of the weekend went whizzing by. I can't believe that tomorrow is a Monday! Wow. I think I really do need a vacation because I can't remember doing anything over the weekend, let alone enjoying it.lol