July 16, 2008

Update on My Kids

I'm running a little behind on my updates for my kids so I am giving 2 days worth of updates. Thank you to those who have been helping with this. I really appreciate it. To be honest, this has given me the motivation to really pay off the bills I have been talking about, so I am going to start keeping a daily tab of what I make online. For those who enjoy my writing and would like to donate, you can do so by visiting my sponsors, etc. Any help is always appreciated. Anyway, here's the rundown on my update:

July 14th

Google Adsense: $0.15
Kontera: $0.00
payperpost: $5.00,
Payu2blog: $5.00,
SocialSpark: $5.50

July 15th

Google Adsense: $0.27
Kontera: $0.00
Payu2blog: $10.00
Associated Content: $4.00