July 22, 2008

An Update on My Kids and My Debt Goal

First off, I must than Bokjae and his beautiful wife for their continued efforts in helping me with my kids. They sent me another $20 last night. They are such wonderful people and two of my great friends. If you have not visited their blog: Listening, Learning, Living, please drop by and say hi. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Donations: $20
Google Adsense: $0.00
Kontera: $0.00
Smorty: $6.00
Payu2Blog: $10.00
Payperpost: $5.00
Associated Content: $4.00

I also met my goal of $12.50 for the day for the credit card I want to pay off. I am very excited about this and will continue to make an effort to meet that goal until that card is paid off. It will be $50 dollars less a month I have to pay towards bills!