July 28, 2008

An Update on My Goal

I am a bit behind on updating my goal. I actually have about 3 days worth of online work. I worked for an hour on the weekends just to catch up for last Thursday. I am no longer in need of help with my kids. I want to thank everyone who contributed with helping my kids. As of now I am working towards two goals. One is to pay off two credit cards and the other is to save for a car. I'm not even sure which one to start with first. I'll need a car since I am headed back to Oklahoma in September/October for a court date for my kids.

But the credit card I used for emergencies is still claiming an over the limit fee. This means I will have to make a $125 payment this month instead of the usual $40. I had used the card to put the car rental on because they wanted to hold way too much money back from our checking account. This was still an enterprise thing from when I picked up my son. What enterprise did not bother to tell me is that they hold the same amount on my credit card and didn't return it in time, so the credit card charged an over the limit fee. So, after I pay the card's balance back up, I am officially closing that account. I can live without the credit card. Emergency or not.

July 24th
Payu2blog: $10.00

July 25th
Private Sales: $50.00
Kontera Ads: $0.06

July 26th
Payperpost: $30.00
Kontera Ads: $0.05

July 27th
Payperpost: $5.00
Google Adsense: $1.93