July 23, 2008

Toilets. The Centerpiece of Tomorrow.

Since when did toilets become the centerpiece of a bathroom? I guess some places are hoping for just that. And it certainly can't be any worse than the toilet restaurant that John Chow talked about. Eating out of toilet bowls and sitting on them. Yeah I'd probably go there. But for now.....

Ummm well, I just need a toilet that won't cost a ridiculous price, use a lot of water and works! Is that too much to ask for?

Right now both of our toilets have gone down the shitter, literally. One doesn't like flushing and the other likes to constantly run. So either way we go it's a bad deal. So one of these days we're going to need to replace both toilets. I'm sort of dreading when that time comes because I already know they're going to cost at least $100 a piece. Unless, I can find them at a garage sale.