July 14, 2008

Sci-Fi Listening Online

I'm not usually one who enjoys reading science fiction novels. To be honest, I don't usually read them, but this one had me intrigued because it's an online audio book, straight from the Leviathan Chronicleswebsite. Okay, so I must also admit, author Christof Laputka had me hooked at first!


A Chinese submarine tries to avoid an American submarine, but instead they collide with one another. Fearing an attack, the American Submarine fires at the Chinese and destroys most of their submarine. But then the American Submarine disappears and a signal from the Chinese Submarine is answered from a source in outer space.

There are more secrets in this story than teenage girl gossip. Leviathan Chronicles reminds me a little of The Hunt For Red October, but with a little mystery/sci-fi added to it.

The website boasts in the fact that you can easily listen to the novel while you're at work without having to crack open an actual book. This is a very nice idea if you don't mind distractions or have a boss who doesn't care what you do with your work time.

There is the option of downloading each Chapter of the novel, however. This is a better feature for most of us who simply don't have time to try and get distracted with a novel at work.

If you are able to listen online and want to skip the download, fair warning:

When you listen to Chapter One, you'll notice the very end has been cut off. Not good. However, the website’s technical crew can easily fix this just as soon as they know about the little glitch.

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