July 22, 2008

New Office Furniture

I know eventually I am going to need some new Office Furniture. Just before we decided to try to move to California, we sold all of our furniture and belongings that weren't necessary, to cut the cost of moving expenses. Since office furniture really isn't a necessity, we sold what we had. The desk wasn't in the best shape anyway, so eventually when our finances are better, a new desk would be fabulous. Right now, I am working on a kitchen table. It's big and bulky and I'm no longer able to see outside of the bay window. So, what's a girl to do?

Well, for now there is not much I can do, but when I do have the money to splurge on a new desk, I found that OfficeSupermarket has a nice selection of Home Office Furniture. They have everything from the simplest office desk, to the executive desk, to Office Tables and more.

I was looking at more than just their desks, though. The cats are beginning to claw up the leather office chair we do have. There are some very nice office chairs at some really great prices. They also have a five-year guarantee on all of their furniture, which is great! I don't know about you, but I hate it when I buy what I think is a great piece of furniture and it ends up falling apart a few months later.

Well, maybe it’s just me and I am picking the wrong kind of furniture? I did take a look at OfficeSupermarket’s step-by-step desk guide to help me decide which desk is right for me. Should I get a glass desk that the cats or kids could easily break, or maybe a sturdy desk like a cherry oak desk that can withstand more wear and tear?

No matter which desk maybe right, a reasonable price still takes priority in my book. When I am shopping online I want the best price possible. I don’t want to be spending hundreds of dollars on furniture that might not outlast the cats or kids in this household. And if I can get away with not having to spend a lot of shipping, then that’s even better.

I found out that OfficeSupermarket does offer delivery at 10% of the total purchase price. So it’s pretty reasonable if you live in the area. The only downfall I’ve learned is, I don’t live in the area. Still, if you live in the area, the delivery fee isn’t such a bad deal and neither are their prices.