July 9, 2008

Natural or Not.

Despite how many times dermatologists remind people to take good care of their skin, they often don't. Yes, there are some of us out there who are dedicated to keeping our skin looking healthy and beautiful, but what about those who really don't have the time.

And teenagers? They might have the time, but acne is a big issue when you're a teenager and most products that claim they work, don't.

So for those who do make it a point to keep their skin looking healthy and beautiful, what about the product? Does it make good on it's promises or do you end up pitching it in the garbage, eventually? Do you care if it's good for your skin or not? Does it have to be all natural? What about a natural acne treatment?

Would you consider it if you thought it might work and is better for your skin? What's your opinion on natural skin care products?