July 27, 2008

Is Cessna Aircraft Risking the Lives and Limbs of their Employees?

One of the things I can't understand when it comes to Cessna Aircraft employees, is why they are not made to wear steel toe boots in certain departments. I know for a fact they are not because I know a lot of people who work there.

The bad news is, there are many dangers on the job there. Take for instance, The Mustang Line. They work with sheet metal. Sheet metal is heavy and if dropped on a foot, it can do some serious damage.

Now I do know they have to wear eye and ear safety gear, so why don't they regulate foot safety as well? I understand not every department at Cessna requires safety boots, but I can guarantee a few areas that should and are not.

In a sense this worries me because I remember when Emerson Electric's past employees demanded safety equipment and were refused. The only time Emerson Electric issued any type of safety equipment was when inspection rolled around. Yeah, really nice.

I doubt Cessna will ever take things that far, but they might want to look into further safety equipment since employees are risking their lives and limbs for them.

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