July 15, 2008

Insane Wine Drinking with Keanu Reeves

I don't really care for wine, but sometimes actor Keanu Reeves just makes me crave the stuff. It's all thanks to the movie he did years ago called, "A Walk in The Clouds." Ahh the lovely thought of crushing grapes to make wine with a beautiful man in a beautiful vineyard. What more you could want?

In reality I've tasted wine. I don't remember what brand. It was probably one of the California wines thanks to my mother-in-law. The last I had was a blush wine at my wedding. While I can't complain because I actually found the taste rather fruity, I didn't like the red wine that was also served. I found it to be very tart and bitter. Hmmm I like cranberry juice, but not red wine. I really must be insane.lol