July 21, 2008

Fitness Goals and My Back.

One of the goals I have in my life is to get into shape again. For about two years now my back has been giving me serious problems. Any time I bend over for any amount of time, even to do laundry, my back is in serious pain when I try to straighten up. As a matter of fact at times it's hard for me to straighten back out. Not good.

My back isn't the only area I want to strengthen. I noticed last Friday that even walking has me out of breathe. While I am not overweight and in need of dieting aids, I think I could use a change in my diet as well.

I guess for some, dieting aids like pills can help, but I'm not one that likes to use pills to help me in my goals. I believe that losing weight and getting into shape naturally is the best way for your body to be healthy.

Not everyone will agree with me however, and for those that don't, doing your homework on the pros and cons of various diet pills is a must. There are too many risks out there associated with certain pills and your life isn't worth the risk of not knowing.

You need to know what the claims are behind the so-called best diet pills and whether or not they are really worth it. Do your research and be safe, please.

If a diet pill works for you and it's safe, then that's great. But, for me, I'd rather not take that risk. I'd rather get into shape naturally. What about you? Do you workout? What do you think of diet pills and other weight loss aids?