July 1, 2008

Female Bloggers Wanted!

Not too long ago I met a fabulous person. She is the owner of Her Blog Directory and Her Blog Radio.

Her Blog Directory is an all in one spot where female bloggers can find other female bloggers. her Blog Directory features over 170 blogs and is working to become one of the largest women blogger directories online. Some of the great benefits about becoming a member of Her Blog Directory is there is no cost to join or post your blog's link and you can meet other fabulous female bloggers who are making their mark in this insane world. Like Me! I became a member of Her Blog Directory and would love to see you become a member as well. It's a great way to advertise your product, share your opinions and become a part of something spectacular. Let's change some lives, let's make this world a better place for our children!

Her Blog Radio wants you to get your voice heard. If you're a female blogger like me, Her Blog Radio wants to hear from you. They want to know about your blog and what you're up to.
I have always believed that the best way to grab someone's attention is through voice. Live conversation. Writing is wonderful, but to really be heard you need to take a step beyond what is simply ordinary. You need to add to your writing and Her Blog Radio is doing just that. Her Blog Radio allows you to listen to other wonderful bloggers just like you, for free. You can easily subscribe to their RSS feed or you can simply visit the Her Blog Radio website.

Right now the greatest advantage of Her Blog Radio? They are offering websites the chance to sponsor Her Blog Radio at no cost. That's insane, but I love it! Right now Her Blog radio is looking for bloggers to be interviewed for an upcoming radio show. A great way to get your blog noticed!

They are also looking for female musicians to help with their radio show. This could be a wonderful opportunity for anyone with musical talent that is looking to expand herself.